Get your eParty on!

Register at my online store  to host your eParty. You can earn FREE, yes FREE Avon products!  It’s FREE, it’s simple, and there’s no mess to clean up!

Do you have a lot of friends, family or even business contacts?

Have you seen Avon products that you’ve wanted, but maybe it wasn’t in the budget?

Do you love discounts?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, sounds like you’d be a perfect eHost for an eparty!
All you do is register as a customer on my online store,  and I will handle the rest. If you are already a customer, then you’re good to go!  I contact you to set the dates and length of your part.

Then all you do is send a link to all your friends and family inviting them to my online store. You can do this through Facebook, email and even Twitter.  All you do is use the eparty code you get from me and your guest can shop online during your eparty and the best part, you get the credit!!

There is no purchase required from the host, but what better way to get a great discount and invite your friends to Avon?

So, what is an eParty you may ask?

It’s an online party found on my Personal Web Pages complete with special party themes, product reviews, personalized online invitations, live chat and eventually, a virtual makeover. By enlisting as the “host”, you’ll have an opportunity to invite your network of contacts to attend your personalized AVON eParty on a Personal Web Page! With the use of a special code, all orders will be tracked so that I as your Avon Representative can reward you, the Host with FREE Avon products of your choice. Best of all? No clean up!

For example – Based on the Earnings Chart below if you had Sales associated with your eParty of $500 you would receive $125 in FREE Avon of your choice.

Earnings Table:

Party Total      Your Earnings:
$100-$149            10% in FREE product
$150-$299           15% in FREE product
$300-$499           20% in FREE product
$500 &  up            25% in FREE product

Don’t wait! Contact me today to register your eParty! Go to my online store or email me.


I'm waiting to hear what you have to say :)

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