Welcome to an incredible opportunity!

With Avon, millions of women are making their dreams come true. This little starter kit is designed to give you a taste of success.
As you discover how easy it is to gather orders, we know you will decide to join us here at AVON!

Follow these three steps upon receiving the kit…

1. Show Brochure and Get Orders

How do you do that? Simply show your Avon brochures to:

Friends, Family, Neighbors, Co-Workers, and anyone you think might like to buy Avon products.

* Then Follow up and ask them for their order.

2. Gather and Write Up the Orders:

Write each individual order in your easy to use order book.

You will EARN 40% of your sales.

3. Call Me: (919) 351-9466

It’s that simple.

When you are ready to JOIN all you need is $10

I’m ready for my Avon Try It Kit!



I'm waiting to hear what you have to say :)

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