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It is official, I now have pricing for Elsa and Olaf. They will be $29.99. Now these are OFFICIAL DISNEY DOLLS–EXCLUSIVELY FR…OM AVON. Which means no other store has these particular dolls! You don’t want the knockoffs, do ya? Noooo!!

So here’s what I’m offering. Yes, I know it’s a sales pitch, but just hear me out. You can PREORDER these NOW, and make payments right up to the day the order goes in–Just in time for Christmas. Let me throw in a little something extra-PREORDER and get 10% your order, and any other plush you order! If you need them shipped just let me know and I’ll get the shipping cost for you.

Give me a call, text, at (828) 352-8668 or email (avonladywnc at hotmail dot com) to place you order! Don’t miss out!