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Elle Varner Mark Cosmetics

Mark cosmetics seems to have a knack for picking celebrity faces that suddenly can be seen everywhere, from Lauren Conrad to Ashley Greene to the brand’s newest ambassador, Lucy Hale. So to celebrate the its 10th birthday, Mark is using its that great eye for talent to select 10 inspiring women to be featured on the cover of its “magalog” throughout the next year.

First up: The Grammy-nominated Elle Varner, who’s had buzz around her since dropping her album Perfectly Imperfect last year. And despite already achieving a ton, Varner still managed to get giddy about this partnership.

“I first learned about the Mark brand through my cousins,” she told PEOPLE in a statement. “They are beauty and fashion junkies and I’m so glad they introduced me to the brand. This partnership is a dreamElle Varner Mark Cosmetics come true!”

Courtesy mark cosmetics

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg gave Varner a flawless face with the line’s Got the Goods foundation and a killer red lip using its Make it Rich lip crayon in “Royale.” “Working with Elle was so much fun,” Greenberg says. “She’s sassy, she’s funny, she had great energy. We spent the day joking and laughing on set!”

For lots more from the shoot, check out Varner’s issue of Mark’s “magalog” when it’s available Sept. 6. And stay tuned to meet the remaining nine inspiring faces soon to grace the cover themselves!

–Alex Apatoff


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