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As a business professional I know the importance of displaying a certain level of professionalism. When you own a business, it is you that represents your brand. YOU, are your brand, and therefore the “face” of your company. While not being a TV, movie, or running in start-status ourselves, we must realize that we are responsible for the first impression when we’re out and about. Let’s face it, society judges on what they can see, and if what they see isn’t pleasant to the eye it could prove detrimental to our first impression.

It may sound fickle, or shallow but it is what it is.  Below you’ll find some mistakes you may make with your makeup and  how to fix them: (Source)


9 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional

  1. You don’t wear makeup. Everyone needs makeup.  Even the most beautiful women in the world look more polished with a touch of makeup.  At minimal, concealer to camouflage dark circles and spots, mascara to lengthen lashes and lip gloss to give your lips moisture and shine. Be comfortable in your own skin without makeup but when you are working, be polished!
  2. Your makeup is too heavy.  From foundation to eye shadow to lipstick, a light touch is exactly what you need to look professional. Too much says you are trying to cover up. You may leave the potential client wondering what you are hiding, or if you know what you’re doing.
  3. Your concealer is too thick. Too much concealer, or the wrong kind, settles into your wrinkles and draws attention to the fine lines. Use a liquid concealer wand like Extra Lasting Concealer to get a soft, airbrushed finish.
  4. Your face powder is caked on. We all want to be shine-free but the continuous use of powder throughout the day just builds up layers on your face. Your skin can’t breathe and loses it’s luster. Solution? Try a translucent powder or blotting papers. Both absorb oil and leave your skin shine free.
  5. Hard lines around the eyes. Eye liner is meant to define your eyes and give them definition. When liner is applied too thickly or is too harsh, you look more ready for a rock concert than a business meeting!  Instead of black liner, try navy or brown and blend well!
  6. You wear glitter anywhere on your face.  In the world of business, glitter is generally a good item to avoid wearing.  This includes shadow, mascara and lip product!
  7. Skipping blush.  Give your face a nice healthy glow by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks.  When you look healthy, you are more approachable!
  8. Neglecting your brows.  Trimmed, nicely shaped brows give your face a beautiful frame!  Apply a brow powder or pencil, using short, quick strokes.  To find the right color for your brows, pick one that is a shade or two lighter than your natural brow hairs.
  9. Your lips are naked. Give your smile a boost of shine power with a lip gloss or balm if you are not wearing lipstick (if you do wear lipstick, see mistake #2).  Your smile will be more
  10. welcoming and as a bonus, you’ll feel better with a little moisture on your lips! (Source)

My business is mostly cosmetics and beauty, so I know the importance of looking professional. A crisp, polished look with have people around you taking notice. An over made-up look can make you appear unprofessional, or unkempt. This can turn folks away quicker than you can say Tammy Faye Messner! Find a look that compliments what you have, not hide, or worsen your God-given beauty.