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Become avonAvon is the largest direct sales company in the world, and has provided millions of women and men the opportunity to earn extra income from home. If you have wondered why you should or how to become an Avon Representative, I will explain how fun and rewarding this can be and how to become an Avon Representative online. With 125 years of name recognition, Avon Representatives have a distinct advantage selling such a widely known product.

Reasons to Become an Avon Representative

  • Easy to Use Internet Tools – The Internet has made being an Avon Representative easier than ever before. With Avon’s Representative website, you can submit orders, track orders, see your invoices, view your account balance, take training classes, create personalized invoices for your customers, and so much more!
  • Sell Avon Online at No Extra Cost – In 2011, Avon implemented a program called One Simple Fee. All Avon representatives now only pay one simple fee with each regular order. Now you can sell Avon online at no extra cost.
  • No Boundaries – Another added bonus for selling Avon online and having an Avon website is you are not restricted to selling to people solely in your own neighborhood. Anyone can go to your website to order products and you will receive up to 45% commission on your online sales. If you prefer to sell door-to-door, the same rules apply. You are not restricted to a certain area or neighborhood.
  • Social Media – After you have taken the steps to become an Avon representative, you will be granted access to YourAvon.com. YourAvon.com is Avon’s representative website which will provide you with cutting edge technology to help you ensure your Avon business is a success. You will be able to market your Avon website using social media widgets that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
  • Flexible Hours – As an Avon Representative, you can work hours that suit you. This company is a perfect one for women or men who don’t want to be working outside the home yet want to earn extra income.
  • Unlimited Income Potential – With Avon, you can work as hard or as little as you’d like. There is unlimited income potential and the harder you work, the more rewards you will reap.

How to Become an Avon Representative Online

If you have come across this article, chances are you are probably wondering how to become an Avon representative or how to buy Avon online. If you reside in the USA, you can become a representative now in 3 simple steps for only $10.00.

  1. Go to www.startavon.com
  2. Enter reference code: NHAWKINS
  3. Fill out your information and pay your appointment fee to complete your registration.

Once you are signed up as an Avon representative, you will receive your account number and your starter kit will be shipped in the mail in only a few business days.

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