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mostinterestingmanPersonal Uses

* It’s a bath oil and after shower moisturizer.
* It can be used to remove make-up.
* It’s a great tanning oil. (NO SUNSCREEN)
* Mild insect repellant
* It’s a hot oil treatment to soften cuticles and nails.
* It’s a great massage for tired muscles.
* It cleans off tape marks from bandages on skin.
* Relieves itchy skin due to dryness.
* It cleans ink, oil, and grease from skin.
* It helps relieve itching caused by insect bites and dry skin.
* It removes paint from your hands instead of turpentine.
* It soothes light sunburn.
* Rub hands with it before washing. It helps get them cleaner.
* Rub on cracked, and bleeding skin, it stops bleeding & heals skin in 2-3 days.
* Put 1 or 2 capfuls in liquid soap and use to shave legs.
* It’s a great hot oil treatment for hair.
* Pour a little in water to soak and moisturize your feet – relaxing.
* It takes gum out of hair and most porous surfaces
* Original Scent is great on head lice! * Leave in hair for 15 minutes, then rinse outside, wash hair a few times to remove oil.

Household Uses

*Sponge it around doors, windows, and on screens to keep crawling bugs out.
* Kills ants instantly.
* It’s a good cleaner and conditioner for natural wood.
* Removes ink from rubber stamps.
* Use it on kitchen cabinets, it also cuts grease on range hoods.
* It removes soap scum & lime from shower doors, bath & kitchen fixtures.
* It’s an oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that won’t slip together.
* It cleans ink from most vinyl and painted surfaces.
* It cleans heavy oil and grease from non-porous surfaces.
* It takes gum and candle wax off clothing, furniture, and carpet.
* Rub on brass ornaments or figurines to help keep them from turning dark.
* If you have a Hummingbird feeder, rub SSS on the surface to keep the bees away.
* Removes fur and animal hair from clothing.
* Removes crayon from appliances and most painted surfaces.
* Wash cupboards with SSS mixed in your cleaning water to keep away ants.
* Use it to clean leather. Keeps it soft and supple.
* It removes “gum” left from price tags on glass, metal, & most plastics.
*It cleans paint brushes easily and leaves them soft as when they were new.
* Use on your air conditioner filter for pleasant smelling air and easier cleaning of the filter next time
* Put in your weed sprayer- spray around your garden. It will keep the bugs away!
* Removes ring around the collar (Add a capful to wash water of clothes, acts as a fabric softener and keeps bugs off clothes.)

Animal Uses

*It’s a great insect repellent for your pet.
*Tar and asphalt removal on pads of animal’s feet. * Mix 5 parts water, one part SSS and mist on show animals.
* Mix in pet’s bath water. Takes the fleas off.
* For DOG DRY SKIN: 1 Tablespoon of SSS per gallon of water and use as an after bath rinse, or spritz your dog’s coat once a week
* Rub on your hands before and after working with pets and farm animals, takes away pet odor.
* FLEA REPELLANT: 1 ½ oz of SSS per gallon of water – sponge dip or spritz
* FLEA BATH: use after shampooing with a FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO (your choice of brand)
* BLACK FLY SPRAY for dogs: 1 cup SSS, ½ cup liquid detergent and 3 gallons of water

Horse Uses

*Hoof polisher without drying.
*Muzzle, eye and ear enhancer.
*Use the BLACK FLY recipe stated above To keep the flies away.

Automobile Uses
* Remove tar spots from car finishes with no damage to paint.
* Clean car vinyl, cleans and softens, prevents cracking.
* After washing car, use it on tires.

*Use on a cloth and leave in the car-keeps air fresh and clean.
* Cleans Mechanics Hands.
* Removes tree sap.
* Prior to traveling, rub SSS on headlights and car grill – makes cleaning easier.

AVON only markets Skin-So-Soft as a Bath Oil. The above claims are proven techniques used by Avon Reps and customers.