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clip_image002[6]I don’t think we can stress to you enough how very important this step is not only in covering your dark circles, but in your overall foundation routine as well.  Primers work wonders by helping any concealer or foundation to adhere to your skin and keep them from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. To apply, use your clean ring finger and gently pat out a pea sized amount of primer under each eye. The ring finger has the lightest touch and will keep you from pulling too hard on the area. Your goal is to apply a smooth, thin layer. Try AVON MagiX Illuminating Face Perfector, I find it works wonders.


clip_image006[6]First you need to pick the right concealer. If your circles are blue-tinged, try a yellow based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. It will mask the blue discoloration and brightens the skin.  If you have more brown colored circles, then try a peach or orange based concealer- 80% of all women fall under this category.clip_image004[13]

Your shade should be slightly warmer, not lighter, than your natural skin tone. Try a little swipes of different shades under your eyes—the best match will disappear completely into your skin. A formula that comes in a pot gives the fullest coverage, a concealer stick more moderate coverage, and a sponge-tipped wand the least.

Apply your concealer with a small, pointed brush. This will help you keep a light hand and not apply to much. Blend the concealer only on the dark areas, not forgetting the inner corners of your eyes. Dot a little concealer over your lids too, it’ll help to brighten the eye area.


The next step to concealing your under eye circles is to apply your foundation. Make sure the color clip_image008[6]matches your complexion so you can blend well down the neck line for a flawless finish. Place several dots of your foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area.clip_image010[6]

Using a Precision Grip Blender or a stippling brush, smooth out your foundation to create a smooth finish. Make sure to get under the eye area covering the concealer, but be careful not to blend too harshly as it can wipe away the concealer you just applied. I use Ideal Flawless Liquid foundation as my foundation.


Setting the Concealer

This is a very important step as it makes your concealer and foundation last much longer and not crease or fade throughout the day. Use a finely milled powder like Ideal Flawless Loose Powder. Using a small powder puff will prevent the powder from caking up and making the “problem” area more noticeable.  Use the smallest amount of powder and gently pat under the eyes and onto the rest of the face.

That’s all there is to it!  Now your face is ready for the rest of your fabulous makeup.  Concealing dark under eye circles is such a daunting task, but with these helpful tips your eyes…and the rest of your face, will be looking fab in no time flat!

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