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Get your summer savings off to a blazing start with two exciting new additions to what are already big Avon customer favorites. It all kicks off in C-15 with the debut of Glimmersticks Chromes Eye Liner and continues in C-16 with ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate, the latest innovative breakthrough in the ever-growing ANEW line of Skin Care products.


The Power Of Color
America’s #1 eye liner just got even more chic, sophisticated and flashy. Beginning in C-15, Glimmersticks Eye Liner will introduce a new style to our already popular line with the debut of Glimmersticks Chromes Eye Liner in the C-15 Brochure. With six new shades that feature a reflective pearl chrome finish for a color-changing effect, Glimmersticks Chromes wears up to 12 hours for a look that will have heads turning! And you can take advantage for some great savings with the spectacular offer of just $2.99 (will be $7.00) per Glimmersticks Chromes Eye Liner in the C-15 Brochure.

In addition, you may wish to visit our new and improved Virtual Makeover tool, located at AVON.com/makeover. While there, you can upload your own photos, create your own look or try on the latest brochure looks including everything from makeup and nail shades to hair color. You can share your new looks with their social networks and also buy directly online or send your order to me. But no matter what, you get the savings!

(A)New Skin Care Breakthrough
Following in the footsteps of our innovative breakthroughs, ANEW Genics Treatment Cream and ANEW Genics Eye Treatment comes ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate in C-16.
Featuring two times the amount of Avon’s exclusive patented YouthGen™ Technology, ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate is designed to boost skin’s youth gene activity…and is suitable for all skin types and designed to work with any ANEW regimen to help deliver optimal results. In fact, 86% of luxury-brand users say Genics Treatment Concentrate gave them the most dramatic improvement in their skin. Those who used Genics Treatment Concentrate said:

  • Skin looks and feels firmer
  • Saw a boost in skin’s moisture by up to 165%
  • Saw expression lines softened

In addition, after two weeks of use, Genics Treatment Concentrate users reported:

  • A plumped look of wrinkles
  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of discolorations

After eight weeks, users reported looking up to 10 years younger! So what are you waiting for? You will enjoy two tremendous offers in the C-16 Brochure when the Genics Treatment Concentrate will be offered at the Intro Price of just $34.99 (will be $39.99). Plus, you can complete your ANEW Genics regimen with a special offer featuring ANEW Genics Night Treatment Cream and Eye Treatment for only $49.99…that’s a savings of $18!

Two tremendous Super Hits back-to-back means now is your chance to make your summer one to remember!