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imageThere have been many breakthroughs in the world of science, but the challenge of fighting Father Time continues to vex even the best scientists. While no one may ever completely erase the signs of aging, Avon has found a way to help you look younger with our newest skin care breakthrough. Beginning in C-10, you can jumpstart the anti-aging process with the debut of ANEW Ultimate 7S, a new and improved version of our original ANEW Ultimate line.

An Ultimate Opportunity
In 2007, Avon formulated ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream and Elixir with Pro-Sirtuin TX Technology to stimulate Youth Proteins called Sirtuins to help healthy cells live longer. A few years later, scientists have discovered that skin cells have not one, but seven essential Youth Protein Sirtuins. Ultimate 7S is designed to boost all of them to help skin cells act younger. In just three days, skin bounces back with the look and feel of elasticity and youthful cushion.* In just two weeks, deep wrinkles appear diminished and skin looks dramatically firmer.* In addition to a new and improved, lighter formula, Ultimate 7S also features a revamped look and softer scent, providing you with your chance to reinvent your skin care business with the ultimate skin reinvention.

Take your skin care to a whole new level by taking advantage of the ANEW Ultimate 7S 3-Piece Collection Plus FREE Clutch highlighted in the C-10 Brochure. The collection includes full sizes of ANEW Ultimate 7S Cleanser, Ultimate 7S Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25, Ultimate 7S Night Cream and a FREE Ultimate Clutch. Valued at $100, this collection can be purchased for half the price—only $50! This new Ultimate 7S is an upgrade to your current Ultimate regiment.

Ultimate 7S specializes in addressing advanced signs of aging, such as deep lines, firmness, loss of cushion and volume, age spots, dry skin and under-eye bags. Keep in mind that if Ultimate 7S is not what you’re looking for, each ANEW regimen targets specific skin care concerns, let me help you determine which regimen and treatment options are right for you.

clip_image001[5]Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are your skincare needs and what products do you currently use?
  2. Are you looking for a product that really works on your problem areas?
  3. Do you want a regimen that is easy to use?

Keep people guessing about your age. Anew Skin Care is an affordable way to look younger.

Have an ANEW Day!