Hello everyone, welcome to Y’von Calling your one stop information center for everything Avon.

My name is Y’von Hawkins, but most folks know me as Nannette.  I am an independent Avon representative for Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Just because I’m in N.C, you may still place an order on my Avon website and have it shipped directly to you–www.youravon.com\nhawkins.

For all of you in the Asheville area, it’s a little easier. You may place an order by phone, email or via website & your order will be delivered to you personally by me.  It’s just that easy. On this blog you’ll find new product information, the current campaign and the next order and delivery date.

Feel free to leave your comments on Avon products you’ve used or any questions you may have regarding products. I’m looking forward to assisting you with your Avon needs.